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Visa Purchase Alerts

Great news! We have activated purchase alerts on our Visa Debit and Credit Cards. These alerts allow members to set up email and text message notices every time a transaction is processed to your card. You can choose if you are notified by email, text or both, and you can set transaction limits as to when you receive notices. These alerts will help make sure your account activity is accurate, and that you’re quickly notified of unauthorized transactions in the event of a card breach.

How To Set Up Purchase Alerts
It’s as simple as visiting www.visa.com/purchasealerts and following the instructions on the screen.

If you ever notice an unauthorized transaction on your card you should contact us immediately at 800-321-8570 ext. 6400. We will deactivate the compromised card and have a new card reissued. You can also watch the short video below. This video offers some helpful tips on what to do in the event that your personal data has been compromised. Protect yourself and your accounts, and set up your purchase alerts today!

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