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Rock Star Savers

Learn, Earn, and Save Like a Rock Star!

When your kids establish good saving habits at an early age, these habits can develop into good saving habits when they’re older. Rock Star Savers is a program especially designed to teach kids that saving money — even a little at a time — can totally rock.


Admission is Easy

Anyone 11 years and younger automatically becomes a Rock Star Saver when they open a regular share account, with a $5 minimum deposit. This first $5 deposit is matched for an extra $5 reward. To get started you will need the child’s birth certificate and social security number.  A parent, legal guardian, or adult relative with proper identification must be joint on the account.


Enjoy the Perks That Come With Being a Rock Star Saver

  • No Account Fees
  • Quarterly Dividends
  • Certificates of Deposit – Rock Star Savers can start out with a small, minimum deposit of $100
  • Welcome Gift – Each new Rock Star Saver will receive a special gift
  • Backstage Passbook – To record your transactions and progress towards rewards


Special Events and Promotions

  • Invitations to Zeal Credit Union sponsored events
  • Birthday Bongo – get a birthday card and grab a handful of coins out of the Birthday Bongo Drum
  • And more!


Upgrade Your Rock Star Status

For every 25 deposits you make, you’ll be upgraded to a new Backstage Pass Level and you’ll receive a free gift! So the more you save, the closer you’ll be to the main act!

  • Level 1 – Roadie
  • Level II – Crew
  • Level III – V.I.P.



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