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Get the Most Out of Your Credit Card with EZCard

We know you work hard, and you deserve a credit card that works hard for you! The eZCard website can make your credit card work hard for you 24/7, and it’s free!

What can eZCard do for me?

  • Check account balance and available credit
  • Make payments
  • View current and past statements
  • View transaction history
  • Access your ScoreCard Rewards
  • Set customized alerts
  • Sign up for paperless statements

How can I enroll?

Enroll your card today! You can sign up for this free service at eZCardInfo.com. Once you are at the site, click Enroll Now and follow the directions on your screen.

Members with Online Banking can access the eZCard site directly. Simply log into your Online Banking account and click on your credit card account. Don’t wait to make your credit card work hard for you. Enroll in eZCard today!

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