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Electronic Signatures

Save the time it takes to print, fax or mail your agreement to us. With Electronic Signatures, you can sign any kind of document anywhere on any device. How? Your signature and accompanying forms are simply processed electronically through DocuSign.

What’s more, you can rest assured that DocuSign is trusted and secure, providing a legally binding signature for any document. Read more about why DocuSign is trustworthy for every document. Here’s how it works:


When you receive a request for your electronic signature, click “Review Documents” in the email.


You’ll be guided through the document to ensure all information and signatures are completed.


Select a ready made signature or write your own. Then you legally sign using only a browser or mobile device.

The signed document is delivered back to the sender and it’s stored online, in the cloud. You may create a signature with a mouse if you operate on Internet Explorer 9. If you use an earlier version of Internet Explorer, you will need to pick from a group of pre-defined signatures.

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